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Sometimes your immune system overreacts.

Nasal allergies happen when your body confuses allergens for something worse.

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An allergen can trigger chemical responses in your body which, in turn, unleashes a whole host of nasal allergy symptoms. Blocking these responses is a way to provide relief.

Consider this:

For many people, these chemical responses can result in seasonal allergy symptoms. For some, they trigger allergy symptoms that last all year long.

The fact is your body responds to allergens by releasing chemicals, some of them include:

Eosinophils, Tryptases, Histamine, Chemokines, Leukotrienes, Cytokines, Chymases, Prostaglandins, Interleukins

Nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable.

Chemicals like these can cause responses in your body that cause inflammation, and an abundance of nasal allergy symptoms.

Antihistamines have only been proven to target the histamine response. Nasacort’s powerful anti-inflammatory stops more of these responses, relieving your worst nasal allergy symptoms, even nasal congestion.

Allergens are everywhere.

Any substance that triggers an allergic reaction is an allergen.

Here are some of the most common triggers of indoor and outdoor allergies:

Pet Dander, Ragweed, Pollen, Mold

Misery loves company.

Here are some nasal allergy symptoms that can gang up on you.

These symptoms can happen one at a time, or for an unlucky few, they happen all at once:

Nasal Congestion, Runny Nose, Sneezing, Itchy Nose

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Pollen and other allergens
are the only enemies.

Histamine is the only response
your body has to allergens.

Reducing inflammation helps
reduce your nasal allergy symptoms.

Nasacort is the first 24-hour nasal allergy spray made available without a prescription.

An allergen is anything
that triggers an allergic reaction.

Mold can trigger allergies
all year long.


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